Do You Qualify for Free Tax Preparation or a 50% Senior Discount?

SENIORS:  First, we help you determine if you are required to file a tax return,
then we determine if you qualify for a free tax return or a discount on your tax
preparation fee.  E-filing is always free at Accelerated Tax Service for Seniors.

Qualifications for Free Tax Return:  We will prepare and file your current year
tax return for free if you meet certain qualifications:

* Age 60 or older
* Gross Annual Income of $30,000 or less
* Only source of income is from:
o W-2 Wages
o SSA-1099 (Social Security Benefits)
o 1099-R (Pension or Annuity)
o 1099-G (Unemployment and Certain other Government Payments)
o 1099-INT (Interest)
o 1099-DIV (Dividends)

We are committed to serving seniors of our community and surrounding
communities by providing professional service, treating each person with
respect and allowing you all the time you need to ask questions and get a full
understand of your taxes.

Do You Qualify for A 50% Discount?

If you do not qualify for the free service, perhaps you qualify for the 50%
discount.  Discount applies to current year tax preparation only.  Here are a few
qualifications you must meet to qualify for the 50% discount.  
o Age 60 or older
o Gross Annual Income of $45,000 or less
o Source of income must be earned wages
  + No income from rental property
  + No income from Investments interest except if reported on 1099-INT or
  + No income from Partnerships, LLC, etc
  + No income form inheritance or trust

Do You Qualify for A 30% Discount?

If you do not meet the qualifications for a free tax return or the 50% discount, a
30% discount off your tax preparation fee is also available for all other tax

US Armed Forces:

Whether at war or during peace time, we are proud of all who serve. We know
you have the option of having your taxes prepared and e-filed free. We also
understand that it is not always convenient for you to take advantage of this
free service so we offer our service to you at a considerable discount.  For
current year tax returns we offer:
•  Military discount - Up to 40% off tax preparation fee
•  Free e-file
•  IRS Representation
•  30% off tax preparation fee for prior year tax returns

NOTE 1:  All discounts listed here cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
NOTE 2:  We will honor and match all competitors coupons.
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